Yami Gautam survived falling several times.

Not many times, Bollywood star Yami Gautam survived falling several times. The incident took place on the ramp on the Lacm Fashion Week. The 'Lakme Fashion Summer 2019' has started on Wednesday. Designer Gauri-Noyicker dressed up after the show and ran on the ramp Yami. This Bollywood beauty ramp has fallen into adversity. Not once, several times his tall gowns got on foot. Yama saved himself after stumbling in front of him. However, he overwhelmed everyone with his lovely beauty. After shore, he came to the stage with the hand of the designer. It seemed, she felt a lack of confidence. In this context, Yami told reporters, "People can only be wrong. And we have to go ahead by cutting it. "

On that day Yami was wearing a light purple gown. And in the fancy makeup with him, Yamani became Yami. Although not confident on the ramp, the ultimate success of 'Uri' photo makes Yami more confident, is not saying.


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