Why is Nargis Fakhri angry?

In Bollywood, American film model Nargis Fakhri debuted in the movie 'Rockstar'. Nargis' love affair with co-actor Ranbir Kapoor when he was working in 'Rockstar' movie was chaur at that time.

Later, Uday Chopra, Rana Dagupati, and Varun Dhawan also shared their love stories with stalks. Recently, Fakhri's relationship with Matt Alonz, a foreign national, was heard.

G-News said that the actress, who is back home with her, is back home in Mumbai. After a long time back to Bollywood, the heroine is not relieved! The reason for this; Nargis Fakhri, when he asked the journalists about Uday Chopra's relation and matte disagreement, he became very angry with them.

It is also known that, despite being pressured by the press, Nargis avoided the promotion of 'Amavasya'. Although no comment was heard from the face of the Bollywood actress.
Fakhri has finished shooting a movie named 'Amavasya'. The film will be released on February 1.


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