Venezuela's 20 tons of gold in Russia!

Venezuela's 20 tons gold was taken to Russia A member of the opposition demanded such a claim. But Russia says that they do not know the news.

According to Bloomberg and Telegraph news, a member of Venezuelan opposition tweeted Wednesday that 20 tonnes of gold was taken on air. These are taken in Russia. This gold amount is equivalent to 20 percent of Venezuelan shares. The lawmaker said that when the plane reached Moscow, the cargo was ready for that transport.
However, the information is not known to bring gold to Russia, said Kremlin Kremlin. They called it a false news. Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the BBC that the rumor was spread to the public. Russia will never do this. Russia wants solutions to Venezuela's political stalemate. But Russia will not interfere. He said that third country can not participate in Venezuelan internal political matters.

According to Bloomberg and Telegraph news, the circulation of gold smuggling was spread to the media due to the media. It was claimed that the Boeing 777 aircraft of Nordward Airlines of Russia can carry 400 passengers. The plane came from Moscow.
Meanwhile, a Russian airplane expresses images of having been at the airport of Venezuela's capital Caracas. But just the picture of the plane standing. There are no passengers on the plane.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is ready to talk with opposition leader Huang Guadao. He also kept the door open for possible intervention with third parties or foreign countries.

"In the interest of Venezuela, in the interest of the welfare of peace and prosperity, I have agreed to sit with the opposition leader on the negotiating table." It has been said in RIA's news citing Maduro. Asked about Maduro's position on the third-party mediation in the prevailing situation in the country, he said many governments and agencies around the world have said their concerns about what is going on in Venezuela. They called for talks.

Nicola Maduro said in advance that the call for the presidential election was 'blackmail'. He said that it is like trying to enforce the threat. The countries that are calling this will have to wait till 2025.
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro called on January 26 to elect new elections in eight days, according to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands. The European Union also said the same.
Meanwhile, the opposition leader Huan Guaido has urged the European Union (EU) to impose further sanctions on Nicolas Maduro government. Guaido calls on an interview with German daily Build. The US has banned Venezuela's state-owned oil company PDVSA on Monday.

Self-proclaimed president and opposition leader Huan Guaido called for an early election. Guido said, Maduro was in power for the second term in the elections held last year.

On January 23, Venezuelan opposition leader and parliament speaker Guaido declared himself the interim president. Although he has no control over the state and the army. Meanwhile, the United States and more than 20 countries recognize Huang Guido as the interim president of Venezuela.


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