Stay close to Ranbir's

The time is well done by Alia Bhatt. He hit his picture after one. Movie buffets also say it's safe enough to bet on aliases. The speculation about his relationship with Ranbir Kapoor is now a fad. But at the same time, studying Alia's buying apartment.

It is heard that Alia, a luxury apartment in Mumbai, has bought a luxurious apartment. The buzz is that he has decided to buy this apartment while staying close to Ranbir. Alia has spent around 13 million taka for buying this 2300 sqft apartment. Though the market price of this flat is 7.78 million taka, Alia has given so much bargain to many eyeballs. It is known that he has spent so much money to ensure that the apartment is available and to protect it.

This is Alia's third flat in Juhu. At present, the apartment is located in Alia, where his sister Shaheen stayed with him. The renowned Interior Designer, Richa Bahl Alai, is in charge of indoor living.


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