Priyanka proves to be 'not pregnant'

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra married US pop star Nick Jones on December 1, 2018. At that time many of Bollywood-Hollywood had said Priyanka's fetus. So he decided to marry so soon. This rumor was before marriage. This time he gave his open answer. In an interview for the first time after his marriage, he was confronted by American social activist and activist Allen Dijonres.
Elen asked him, what else is there besides the goodness of Nick's decision to marry each other? Priyanka is going to be a mother, is not that true? After that, Priyanka said that she will prove that he is not pregnant in front of television at this time. If he had such a good news, he would never have concealed it.
Priyanka said, at the request of Ellen, "I would never even touch alcohol if I had an infant." Have faith in this time?


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