Nadal is in the marriage court

14 years of good luck going to love. Rafael Nadal has decided to sit on the wedding pitch

Not even a year or even a decade or even a single era, more than that. 14 years! Rafael Nadal and Sisca Phero love age. When Nadal did not become a familiar face in tennis, he only started his career, since then love with Piroy This mind-set is finally going to get a good result. Nadal is going to marry Karoos at the end of this year, according to the European press. Spanish magazine 'Ola' reported that Nadal made a formal proposal to marry Karoo in Italian Opera last year.

People say, good work is not delayed. Nadal does not bother to say this. From the very beginning, all of Spaniard's attention was in tennis. And got the result too. There are so many trophies that have won 17 Grand Slam, 33 ATP Masters, and so far. In the meantime, when the age was no more! 32 years have passed. To be busy throughout the year, there are many tournaments. Between the time of marriage! Nadal has not been able to give time to personal life when he is down with tennis But his other opponents have already done a good job long ago.

Jokovic has saved this good job five years ago. Nadal's reigning rival Roger Federer has done this good work ten years ago. Now Nadal's turn? The Spanish star said before the marriage, "There will be time to get married, I will think about it after retirement."

Nadal's longtime lover, Siska Phero, has taught about business education. Currently working at the Nadal Academy He is often seen in the gallery on Nadal's match day. That's why Nadal did not always meet in the match, he replied in response to the question that it was Nadal's goodness. He did this because his presence at the game could have influenced Nadal's match.

In an interview in 2011, PĂ©reau said, "Whenever there is something competitive with me, I always keep on keeping myself in my mind all the time. At that time, I thought about the things I would need him. It also hurts. After understanding this, she started worrying about me. If I follow him everywhere, there may be problems with staying together. '

Needless to say, how good is the understanding of the two. Nadal's lover has sacrificed for the dear people, the end of patience is the result of the sweetness. Nadal's luck is going to get someone like a girl. Ala Nadal's marriage is going to stop his fans' curiosity!


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