N. Korea will destroy all nuclear material

North Korean US special envoy Stephen Baigen has said that North Korea has pledged to destroy its entire nuclear enrichment program. He said that in October, US Secretary of State Mike Pampo also visited North Korea. At that time, North Korea made this pledge.

He said this at a function at Stanford University in California on Thursday. This information was given in a BBC Online report.
But before reaching any agreement, North Korea has to provide a complete list of its nuclear assets, said Stephen Baigan. Earlier, US president Donald Trump said that the talks between the two countries have made 'tremendous progress'.

President Donald Trump said in a meeting at the Oval Office of the United States President on Thursday, he will announce the date and time of the second meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-unun too soon.

In June last year, the first meeting was held between Trump and Kim at the Capella Hotel in Cintosa Island, Singapore. In the meeting, the two leaders signed a joint agreement. However, there was little progress about nuclear disintegration.

North Korea has always been saying that the nuclear program is essential for the survival of North Korea. This program is not completely possible unless the United States faces a nuclear attack. Baigen said the president is ready to end this war. He said, "We are not going to attack North Korea. We are not trying to destroy anyone's rule. "In his meeting with Foreign Minister Pompey, Kim Jong-un was committed to 'cleansing' all his plutonium and uranium enrichment programs, said the baigan.

North Korea has always denied publication of its full list of programs.


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