Mishti Chakraborty is acting against director Kangana on the charge of cutting scenes

Since the release, the 'Monicarnika' has been doing very well. But discussing the picture, counterattack may not stop the game of anger. Meanwhile, actress Mishti Chakraborty is acting against director Kangana on the charge of cutting scenes. Her accusation, some scenes of some artists have been dropped from the picture. But why?

In the movie 'Monicarnika: The Queen of Jassi', Ankita Lochandey has performed well in the role of Jhalakshari Bai. He told a press release to Indian media, 'I do not know anything about this. I can not say anything about this. No scenes were reduced or dropped from the picture. There are all the scenes that were captured. As a result, I have no complaints.
Former director of the film Krish said that sweet Chakrabarty will be kept in an important place in the film. That is how the film was shot. But where are they? Actress Misti Chakraborty said, "I have been discussing this with Krishan for a long time. He did the same thing with me. Now let's see the director too, I do not even have a view.
There were some beautiful scenes, but they were windy in the pictures. I did not want to be an important part of the film. Maybe I do not have a significant presence in Bollywood, but I've done something important in other language films. "His claims, almost all the actors have been cut out of the 'Monicnicka'. But in reality it is not the case. Maybe the film director and actor Kangana Ranaut has dropped some of his scenes.
Meanwhile, the former director of the film expressed anger against Kangna about Krish Photo. In the context of shortening the scene, he said, the picture of 1 minute, cut the 40 minutes, what does it contain? In an interview, she said, "Sonu will not work under any women's director, I was sad to hear this news in the newspapers. I will not blame him for moving away from the picture. Because it is planned to kill his character before the break '

'Monicnika' has already made 50 crore rupees business. Although the discussion-criticism-debate continued, the picture did not disappoint the man. Source: India Today


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