Messi is returning to the Argentine jersey before the Copa

Lionel Messi returns to Argentine jersey in March The news has come from the news media
Calling the country, hear Messi? A few days ago the press question raised. Probably his answer matched. Lionel Messi will return to the national team's jersey with Argentina's friendly match in March.

He did not try less. There is nothing for the club that he has not achieved. But the national team has repeatedly dreamed of Lionel Messi After the World Cup in Russia, Argentina took part in the voluntary retirement. It was about to return to Copa America. That Copa América, Messi announced the retirement of the national team in the final of the tournament, two years ago. It's almost two months back. Russia did not announce retirement immediately after the World Cup but was away from the Argentinean jersey, the five-time footballer of the year. The news 'ESPN' has revealed the possibility of seeing Messi again in the Akashi-white jersey.

Argentina will face Venezuela in a friendly match on March 22 in Madrid. Four days later, in another friendly match in Dresden, Argentina, the Argentine's opponent Czech Republic. ESPN Argentina's expert Gustavo Yarov said that Messi will return to Argentine jersey with two friendly matches. Not only Messi, Angell de María will also be seen returning to the country's jersey. The Argentine jersey did not show Messi-D Maria in the second round of the last World Cup after losing to France.

Argentina will play two friendly matches in preparation for Copa América. South America's oldest football tournament will be played in Brazil on June 14. Messi's return to volition after the last World Cup was about to return to the tournament. But according to the news, according to the news published earlier this year, Barcelona star returned to the country's jersey. Argentina coach Lionel Scoloney said earlier that he had hoped for Messi's return, "Before March we will talk to Leo. Hope he will be with us, but more than that, we want to see him happy. My mind is saying so. All Argentine fans are eagerly awaiting his return, now let's see what's going on. "

Argentine fans can now think that Messi is joining as a partner in the front of Scolon. If you think Argentina is the Copa!


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