Keep the hair strong

A common problem in hair fall is the problem. Men and women both have hair. But it is necessary to take treatment when there is excessive hair and if the matter goes to baldness. There is no end to worry about this. The first thing to know is that 50 to 100 hair fall part of the normal physiological process. So while combing hair, there is nothing to get in front of the hair in the comb. Hair is bigger by half an inch per month. Naturally, a hair starts growing up to two to four years. Then the growth decreased.

Masooda Khatun, associate professor of the skin and sex department of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, said, "Dandruff is a big problem for all. Especially at this time when it does not want to dry easily wet hair, and this damped environment increases the spread of fungus. In the case of boys, hereditary cause, androidogenic hormones, anxiety again, malnutrition in women, pregnancy-milking the baby, extra diet, hair is used to use different types of cosmetics. Hair loss due to thyroid problems, anemia, long-term fever and hereditary problems. However, if you become aware of it, it is possible to prevent hair fall, keep it strong. There is enough sleep and plenty of vegetables and a little rule.

Some way
Andorogenic hormones are the main reason for hair fall and men's baldness. These hormones usually contain more quantity of male body. Those who have the effect of these hormones, they have more hair. During and after the menopause, the proportion of androgenic hormones increases. Then suddenly the hair began to fall. There is not much to do in this case. But if you feel over problem, you can consult a doctor.

Fungal infection or dandruff is one of the reasons for hair fall. So hair can not be kept wet. If necessary, use the shampoo hair in the fungus hair. There is no need to use other shampoo while using fungal shampoo. Depending on the intensity of dandruff, depending on how long shampoo will be used in a week. Medication may also be eaten. When the infection gets better hair again.

Hair health depends on body nutrients. In daily diet, if the protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals and vitamins are not in modest quantities, hair fall out. In addition to this, hair loss due to lack of any substance in the body for a long time. Again, those who do not eat extra diet, they may also be exposed to malnutrition and excess hair. Everyone should regularly eat balanced foods to keep the hair strong.

If you have anxiety or mental problems, you may have more hair than normal. However, the hair fall is temporary and hair again. If you have long been worried about mental anxiety or can not overcome anxiety, you may get too much hair. So there should be thoughts and stress free.

If you have long hair ties or tight bumps or bands for a particular style of hair, then such hair may start to fall. Too much hair color cosmetics, hair straightening or continuous ribbing increased hair growth rate. In some cases, hair again, or if hair loss is permanent damage, hair may not grow again.

To keep the hair clean, keep the hair clean, eat adequate nutritious food, drink plenty of water, and have to face anxiety.

You can use regular oils in hairstyle. Then wash the hair with shampoo for at least three days a week.

Before taking any medication, consult a doctor.


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