China's Guam Killer will hit the United States

A few days ago, China launched a successful test of the missile of Dongfeng-41. One of the world's topmost powers, China has invented another new type of missile. These missiles can hit the enemy's fleet of ships in the sea. Not only that, an airplane can destroy the airplane. Beijing has demanded that

The news of the Sainth China Morning Post said that the long-range ballistic missile DF-26 missile could hit Guam Island in the Pacific in the Pacific. The test may become the cause of Washington's headache. Chinese military analysts say Guam Kilo to the missile China's newly created Guaym Kilometer missile can hit successfully at the target of five and a half thousand.
The ballistic missile DF-26 is shown for the first time in a military coup in Tiananmen Square in Beijing on September 3, 2015. After this, it is still in Asia-Pacific region. The news of DF-26 was being published almost every week in China's media.

The video of the Chinese media in the Global Times shows that the four-legged missile flew in an extreme speed and was hit by an attack on the ship. A panel of US Congress recently issued a report warning China of the missile. The report mentions China's Guam Killer missile as a cause of concern for US defense.


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