Cars Nineteen three new cars

Year-old cars come with car makers At the end of the year there are various motor shows. These shows are also given the idea of ​​what is the latest technology, as well as the future of cars. Several new cars have come in the country's market. In the car shop, customers are also gathering to know about the newly arrived private cars.

Brand new hybrid cars are coming in luxury cars and capabilities in attractive automobiles market in 2015. New generation at risk of fuel economy This report with the new three cars.
Audi A8 L
Among the luxurious car makers in the automobile world, Audi is one of Germany's largest. Progres Motors Imports Limited Bangladesh by importing Audi cars in the country's market. In the beginning of the year, the company has come up with the new model A-8 A The entire control of this vehicle can be taken on the back seat without driving. There is a touchscreen tablet on the second row. Through this machine, keep the seat seats warm in the winter, front or back seats, seat massage, vibration, sunroof, air conditioning, window screen, entertainment screen, TV, radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi control, inside the car Changing the lighting or diversifying the interior is easy to do. For the back seat passengers, there are two big screen smart TVs. Through the simcard, the entire car will be able to take internet services. The car has options to hide AC vents. There are footpaths for sitting feet straight on the distance. For the driver, there is a virtual speedometer. Car speed, gear positions and other information as well as Google maps will also be seen. There are two sunroofs

More than 400 jobs can be arranged in AODI A8. There are 41 subsidiary systems for the driver. The vehicle can be ordered through the voice. It takes time to take the 0-100 speed of the car at 3000 SCE to only 5.4 seconds. It can run at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The price of the car is quite high. Motorists said the speed machine of 3 crore 64 lakh 60 thousand would be headed for safety and comfort this year.
Suzuki Siaz Hybrid
This is the first time Uttara Motors is going to bring the new (brand new) SUZUKI hybrid car to the country's middle class capacity. The Smart1920 model has been using smart hybrid technology. Premium 1500 See also this car. Cruis control, parking sensor, LED projector auto headlamps, 510 liter boot spaces, voice commands, push button start and Google Map will be available in the country market from February. The car can be found between Tk 2.5 million.

Uttara Motors Limited Deputy Sales Officer. Golam Mostafa said, "The demand of cars in the country is increasing. There is no hybrid vehicle option to conserve the environment. Sujuki Siaj has used a superior battery. We are working with two famous Battery Manufacturers in Japan and Finland. This vehicle is the best after sales service. '
Mitsubishi expander
Rangs Limited has brought a new vehicle to the highest ground clearance of 1500 CC Hachib cars. Japan's Mitsubishi has seven seats in this car. Mitsubishi Expander 205mm Ground Clearance allows the car to be able to topple any high speed with ease while traveling. Benefits of charging mobile phones in each seat. This two car is made in Indonesia. It can carry up to 200 liters of small things. The 5-seat cars can be easily rotated in 5.2 meters turning radius. It has 1 year servicing and three year warranty.


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