Barca will not miss a title

Barcelona have a record of losing in the first leg. In the last sixteen matches of the Champions League two years ago, they did not lose four goals in the first leg of the PSG. In the return leg, they went on to finish the incredible one win of 6-1. Messi did not leave the opposition in the Copa del Rey tournament
That party is Barcelona They will fight for all the trophies to the end. If not, in the last ten years 'treble' is possible twice! In the Copa del Rey final at the end of the match, Sevier lost the first leg by 2-0, and the four-time champions woke up the possibility of being dropped from the last eight. Talking about the importance of La Liga and the Champions League, Barcelona were less interested in the Copa del Rey. Why did Messi have been rested for the first leg, and did not hear much about Barcelona coach? But the result of the returning leg says that Barca does not see any tournament shortened. What is the loss of the team like Sevier 6-1 goals?

Messi, who won the returning leg, said, "It was said that we gave up hope of the cup or we are not interested in it. In Barcelona we fight for everything. "Messi picked up FIFT in the Copa del Rey with this match," I missed a few opportunities before I scored the goal. But they have kept the job open and when my rounds are round, everything has been decided before. The team played extraordinary and we got to the next round. "

The Brazilian star Kutinho got himself back with this match. Important to get Barcelona Penalty in the 13th minute of the match, Messi did not take it for himself, but fellow teammate Kutinha took it. Messi has been the first to take the penalties of the teammates many times before returning to the courage of the players. Argentina's explanation on this, 'She (Kutinho) once took a penalty against the Levante, she wants to take it. We talked about it. He's taken a penalty and I'm happy that this is how a team is formed. "

Kutinoho is fascinated by the support of the most important players of the team. Qutinho said, "The way Leo Penalties let me, his behavior proves how big he is. Thanks to Leo for taking me the penalty, it will help to give confidence in the team. We knew we had to get off the ground from the beginning of the match. "

Barcelona got a lot in one match. And the hope of winning the 'Treble' is not going to leave right now, La Liga topped the group.


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