After 17 years

Lady Gaga is flying in the sky with a star like this. The floods of praise from the singer floating in the heroine. It's hard to tell whether Britney Spears was inspired or not. But the incident is that, after 17 years, Gayika will be seen on the screen. Patrick Bitch's horror film 'Corporate Animals' will be seen in him.
Before being released in 2002, Comedy played an important role with the film 'Crossroads' with Joey Saladan. However, Gayikakea can not be seen in a big role in 'Corporate Animals'. With Demi Moore, Ed Helmos, he has guest appearance. There will be a character in the film, that is very fond of Brittany.
Once the fans will meet the favorite singer. Brittany will star in a few scenes of such a scenario. On January 29, 'Corporate Animas' was shown in the Sundance Film Festival.


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