Windows 7 will have to cancel?

There is only one year. Those who are still using Windows 7, the time has come to update this operating system. Microsoft will not offer any support to Windows 7 after January 14, 2020. That means, the Windows 7 operating system will not update any update or security error fixing program, the world's largest software developer.

Cyber ​​criminals will get the chance to use these defects if Microsoft withdraws support or updates any security program. Users will fall into the cyber world risk.
Brad Anderson, vice president of Microsoft 365, said in a blog post, "The need for updates and changes in technology is inevitable." Now it's time to update the modern desktop using Microsoft 365 in your organization. Only those companies or corporate customers who want to receive security updates for Windows 7 will be given the opportunity since the coming year. No single user will get Windows 7 security support. The information is available in the technical website Zedinet.

The Technology Site Verge Report says that Windows 10 has become the top of the desktop OS market for three and a half years. Since the exposure, Windows 7 was at the top of 10 years. Microsoft released Windows 7 operating system in 2009. So far, it is one of the most popular software on the desktop operating system. However, after the end of last year, the user's Windows Phone 7 desktop overtook Windows 10. According to NetMarkStechner's December report, Windows 10-powered devices stand at 39.2 percent and Windows 7-powered devices stand at 36.9 percent.

Market analysts said Microsoft planned to launch Windows 10 on hundreds of devices within three years, But after understanding that Windows Phone will not be helpful in this plan, Microsoft increases the time later. Windows 10 is currently running on 70 million devices, including PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox One consoles. For Windows 10, this acquisition was essential for Microsoft. On January 14, 2020, the company is going to stop Windows 7 support.

To get more 7 years of support in Windows 7, customers will have to join Microsoft's Extended Security Updates project. So, Windows 7 users will need to take more initiative to upgrade their business to Windows 10.

Prior to this, in 2012, Microsoft announced a five-year extension for Windows 7's single user for each version. However, in 2015, Microsoft promises to provide security updates up to 2020 in Windows 7 software. Earlier in the year 2014, Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP's most popular operating system.


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