Why is the tendency of leaving the state rising?

Since 2017 Lia Lobello Reynolds and Colin Reynolds are waiting for an unborn child. At this time they decided that it would not be possible for them to live in New York City. The lives of this city are shaking their lives. Then the couple took a new job in Pennsylvania. A small town in the west of 27 miles west of Philadelphia, bought the house. Now they are there.
Reynolds couple left New York? The answer is high cost and hassle life. Colin Reynolds works in digital marketing. As a reason for leaving New York, he said, "I had to go to work for a long 3 hours train journey. Our son was coming in the world on the earth. It was important to give time to the family. We lived in a city where high expenditure from housing to everything. It was not possible for me to spend this expenditure. '
Not only the Reynolds couple, recent statistics by the Bureau of Statistics of America, people leaving New York every time. From 017 July to 018 July, the state has left 1.80 lakh 306 people. On the contrary, there are 1 lakh 31 thousand 746 people in New York. That means the number of New York residents decreased by 48 years to less than 560. This number is a record for any state of America. This tendency of leaving the state is higher in the upstate. According to the Bureau of Statistics, since 2010, 42 out of 50 states in the US have reduced population from expensive areas.
The Empire Center for Public Policy's researcher and director E.J. McMahon believes that disaster management development and economic development are important to prevent such a trend. According to him, many are forced to work in expensive areas. But can not adjust the expense with income. The problem is that someone might like New York, but he does not have the ability to stay here. Apart from disaster, many people have been seen leaving the kingdom to leave the people. In this case, the administration has a lot to do.
In fact, the population of New York has declined, but the city's population is still growing. From 2010 to 2017, the number of people living in the city increased by more than 50 thousand. But the city has lost many old residents at the same time. In 2017, 131 people left the metropolitan area of ​​New York, which is much more than the 2014. In 2014, 43 people left the metropolitan area.


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