Why hug is urgent for children

Every 20 seconds of hug every day is very useful for your child. Good hug and hug with hug positive effect The more rounded the children makes. Most importantly, the bonds with the parents are stronger. Find out the scientific explanations here.

To be nice

Sense sensation is very important for the children to grow naturally. The touch, especially the embrace, works as an excellent stimulant for the brain and healthy body of children.

To grow

If you do not have regular touch with your parents, thousands of nutrients can be fractured. Oxytocin plays a great role in the physical development of the baby. If you embrace the children, the oxytocin is known as the hormone of love. As a result, many hormones that are active in physical development become active.

For good health

Clotting is essential for good health. As it has been said earlier, the oxytocin emission is due to the embrace. As a result, the immune system is very strong in the body of the child. Apart from this, thyroid levels of thyroid hormones also decrease in the body of the child. Because of this, the wounds of the baby's body recover quickly.

For mental wellness

Hugging too much work for the child's mental health. For this reason, if the child gets angry, if he sticks or cries, then the mother gets all cold after she gets embraced. Many parents think that when children cry out loud, then if you embrace, then there will be more consternation in the opposite, it is actually wrong.


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