Who is this Sayesha?

There are many Bollywood actors and actresses with her kinship relationship. Not quite from the point of view, acting and beautiful as well as Saaisha Saigal Many of the Bollywood stars have expressed the possibility of him. Brother-in-law Salman Khan also gave him suggestions. But the buzz is the first love girl, because Salman keeps her in mind, she is affectionate.

Saaisha Saigal's mother Shahin Banu was also an actress. She is the daughter of actress Shayra Banu brother Sultan Ahmed. About Shayara and Dilip Kumar's daughter Saaisa became the granddaughter. Shahin, on the other hand, was the first lover of college life. At that time, Salman was close to Shaila and Dilip Kumar. Shahin's breakup with Shahin at the age of 19. Then Shahin married Sumit, and Sumit gets married. Sumit and Shaheen's daughter Sayesha

Several years ago, Salem was seen in a meeting with Dilip Kumar on the birthday of Dilip Kumar. There Salman advised to act in the film.
There is a buzz about seeing Sahesha or young boy, Shahin is remembered as the close prince revealed Salman.

Saaisha first acted in the Tamil film 'Akhil'. Apart from this, the film has been praised by Ajay Devas's 'Shiva' movie.

Due to the advertisement of a jewelery shop, he has already got acquaintance in the house of India. Sayesha is also a meritorious student. Recently, he told the Indian media that he got less than 90 percent number in any class.


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