Who is this Ranveer?

Ranbir Singh came in a new form, not as 'Alauddin Khilji' or 'Peshwor Bagrio'. This superstar superstar hit the role of rapper on Thursday night. Ranbir is busy promoting his upcoming film 'Goli Boy'. In this film, he will be seen in the role of a rapper from the Mumbai slump. When Ranbir came on the screen, he got beaten. He is ready to win everyone's role in this rape role. But before the release of the film, Ranbir has made the place of everyone's mind as a rapper. Now the evidence is found.

On Thursday, a huge program was organized at the music launch of 'Gally Boy' directed by Joa Akhtar, Richard of Richardson and Cradus, Mumbai, on Thursday. Not only this news, thousands of fans of Ranbir-Alia were present. On this stage of the music launch, Ranbir was caught in another form. This Bollywood star also fills in with a flier rapper. Everybody danced on his rope. Not only rap, but the body language from Ranbir's clothes, everything was like a rapper. This night with Ratanera Matt Matan Aliya Bhato. In this film, he will be seen opposite Ranbir. Even Alia can be heard singing rap in 'Goli Boy'. Ranbir-Alia's amazing performance has come true.
In Farhan Akhtar's 'Gally Boy' movie, Kalki Kochlin, Vijay Raj can be seen without Ranbir Alia. The film will be released on February 14.


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