Who gave this sari?

Women love sari. However, Bollywood star Kangna Ranaut has a lot of exceptions to the sarees. He loves to wear sarees. Even after the sari, he took the journey to another level. Recently he was seen in a black candy sarees. She was spreading the sari and decorated Mumbai in a ceremony in Mumbai. But who gave him that sari?

Actress and film director Kangana Ranaut went to the ceremony in Mumbai on Monday. With legendary actress line. Wearing gold colorful golden sari The two gorgeous flowers of Gazah The ceremony has received the award from Kangana. It is known that the saris wearing Kangarar gave him a gift. There is no limit to the joy of Kangar getting sari.

Kangana's relation with actress Rekha is different. Just like a mother and a daughter. She is getting her affection from Bollywood. They were present at the same ceremony on the same day and they received honor from each other. Not only that, two people danced on the stage with a song from Marathi. On the occasion, the daughter-in-law praised the daughter-in-law. Referring to Kangna, she said, "If I had a daughter, she would have been like a Kangaro." Even Kangana is considered to be the real queen Lakshmibai.

Kangana can be seen in the role of Queen Laxmibai this year. The film, directed by Kangna Ranaut, is being released on January 25, 'Monicarnika'.

References: Pink Villas


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