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British Prime Minister Theresa May is going to lead a new war on the exit of the UK from the European Union (EU). In the House of Commons of the parliament, today, again on Tuesday, facing important vote. The MPs will vote on the revised new draft of the breaks. The new draft made by the Prime Minister will bring a number of amendments, which will decide the future program for the breaksite.

Looking at this important decision today, people all over the United Kingdom
To my supporters, May be the symbol of excitement. However, critics call him rigidly, who is quite indifferent to changing the situation around.

On 15 January, the Prime Minister Thracey May lost a large margin of voting on the draft of the Break agreement. He lost by the vote of the House of Commons of the Lower House of the United Kingdom Parliament by 230 votes. Leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Kelly, immediately proposed a non-confidence motion against the government of Theresa Marine, with the chance of failing to close the deal. Liberal Democrats, Scottish Nationalist Party, Plaid Kamri and Green Party, supported by the opposition's opposition to the opposition. He survived the confidence vote.

What are you doing? Because, before becoming the Prime Minister, she herself was not in favor of the breaks. Whether it is a mei, now it is absolutely necessary that the voters' wishes be fulfilled, those who have ruled in favor of the separation in June 2016. After the referendum, May took the prime minister's responsibility for the implementation of the breaks. But the people of the opposition have always been expressing doubts about the breaks.

Against the MP Breaksite, they want to have a tough deal with the EU, either May or the second referendum. But the hope for Mara is that those who have opposed last time have recently been somewhat flexible on this deal. Again, the fearsome thing is that these opposing opponents can destroy the whole process in the House of Commons.

Brackets-supporters are unhappy about not making acceptable changes to the 'Backstep' section mentioned in the agreement on the Ireland border. They may weaken the Prime Minister again today. After the separation of the backstep, the guarantee of keeping the Northern Ireland border open with part of the UK with EU member-independent Ireland. As a result, Northern Ireland must be under EU law. Opponents of this trend say that legal Northern Ireland will be isolated from the rest of the UK. But despite the many criticisms, the May In order to ensure that theresa can be passed in the parliament, Theresa is asked to change the draft from Northern Ireland to the EU. If confirmed, the Brechtimanti MPa will vote on the modified draft of Theresa. However, the hard-press women are still firm.

But last year I had expressed some weaknesses before the Christmas ceremony. She said she has no desire to become prime minister again in the election of 2022. He was quite uncomfortable in resolving the internal conflict. Then, in the House of Commons, during a breakout agreement, Macke faces opposition party Labor leader Jeremy Kelly's non-confidence proposal. All the concerned people are concerned about what is happening now

On June 23, 2016, a referendum in the UK is related to the four-decade relationship between the EU and the EU. After the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron, after resignation of the vote, Theresa May began the process of making the path of isolation with that responsibility. Earlier, in May the campaign was run in the EU. But it is necessary to accept the verdict that it is necessary, he began to convey to the people.

May (62) dreamed of becoming a politician since the age of 12. He studied geography in the University of Oxford. At that time he met her husband Phillip. He later became a banker. There he met former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who met him. May-Phillip couple has no children. He dedicates himself to politics. In 2002, elected the Conservative Party Chief. Ironically, this woman is now trying to steal the breaks, which is to see.


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