What's going on between Deepveer

Immediately after getting acquainted Deepika magic! Maybe because of the reason that despite having a relationship with one, Deepika has made the wind blows. Recently, Deepika has been involved in the corruption in the country. On the other hand, Ranbir Singh has directly rejected the love of the time.

Deepika Padukone has said in many places that her first meeting with Ranbir Singh was on. But after one and a half months of marriage, the incident has risen to another in front. Deepika-Ranbir's first appearance at a ceremony in Singapore Later, in the office of Mr. Jashraj In an interview, Deepika said, 'Ranbir was chatting in such a way that it was his job. And then she was in love with someone in love. I told laughing, trying to get rid of it? '
Recently, in a popular magazine, Deepika denied that statement. He said, 'he said a bad word. I was not in love with anyone; If you had love, you knew at least. '

While filming Sanjay Leela Bansalir's 'Ram Lila', however, they fell in love with each other. Then came the love for six years. That love is the result of one and a half months ago. Everyone knows everything else. But recently, Deepika has been involved in some controversy about the love of her first husband and wife. But who is she, except for Deepika, Ranjeer?

Although many people are not aware of the name, he is no other. Another favorite Bollywood fan Anushka Sharma It is not uncommon to create turmoil in old age with old love. Even for one magazine Deepika says that she is not adding husband name to her name in any way. However, there is no relation with any other incident. Their name is the year's fruit of the year. The question of getting another name with a name does not arise.

Source: India Today


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