What is the latest movie actress TABU?

The full name of the actress Tabu is Tabasam Fatima Hashmi. In the 1980s, in the film 'Bazar', she played the role of acting in the movie, actress

Recent changes have happened in the Bollywood world. Social media is now one of the most important ways of communicating and expressing Bollywood stars. Actress Tabbu has been staying in the industry for more than three decades. TABU also accepted these changes to adapt itself with the change of time. DNA India recently confronted one of the popular actresses of the time. It is also asked about the use of social media in various ways, the trend of recent films, and how the films of these days are becoming more characteristic than the actors. The question is asked, is the social media dissociating everyone? To the north, Tabu said, 'It depends on how much time it is giving and what you want to focus on in it, on it. If your priorities are very clear, in that case I think everything is under its control, there is no separation in it. I am 16 years old now, that learning and discovery are still my priority. There are certain places available for everything in your life, especially in the case of new ones. It depends on how much time you want to give it, on him. '' He said that he is not at all involved with multiple social media platforms. Which means more than you? Use Instagram because I like the picture. I love sharing snapshots with people who are happy memories .... This is a great way to express yourself and communicate with the world. Well relaxed

Everyone should use this kind of communication medium. '

The story of Bollywood movie, the type is changing very quickly. Nowadays, the story is not as prominent as the past. Now the character is preferred over the story. Tabu said, "We have always worked in all outstanding character-based films. But sometimes it would be the main actress. Despite that, there were such strong characters in those films, where the actors were chosen to act fairly. There is no doubt that the story of a movie without a great character is not fulfilled. There have been many changes in these matters. Most recently the character of the film has become very interesting and important. '

While presenting the film 'Anandhun' released recently, the actress said: No person in this film can be described as the main character. Everyone has moved parallel to the plot. Besides, there has been a big change in issues such as script writing, understanding of movies and society.

Note that the full name of Tabu is Tabasam Fatima Hashmi. In 1980, the actress named the movie 'Bazar' in the role of a role opposite the actress. In 1985, he played the role of Dev Anandar in 'Hum Nawazian'. He was then 14 years old. First actress 'Coolie Number One' as her heroine on the big screen It is made in Telugu.
Source: DNAindia


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