Vidya in Telugu 'Pink'

Vidya Balan can not get much advantage in Bollywood His last few Hindi films did not spread light in the box office. So, Vidya Balan is trying to reach out to the new media and the industry. After the Tamil film, he wrote a name in the Telugu film industry. This actress will be seen in a role in the Telugu film Pinky.

Amitabh Bachchan and Tapi Pannu starred in the film released in 2016 in the movie Pinki. South Indian star actor Ajith will be playing Amitabh in the Telugu remake. Shree Srinath has been selected for the character of Tapi Pankur. The information produced by the film is produced by Boney Kapoor. But Vidya has been selected for exactly what character, Boney did not reveal. It is speculated that he will play Mamta Shankar in the film Pink.
Mamta Shankar was seen in the role of Amitabh Bachchan's wife in the film. Boney Kapoor said that Vidyasena will be seen against Ajith So fans have taken over four and a half, and Mamta Shankar is going to play Vidya in the short run.
Boney Kapoor's late wife Bollywood star Sridevi wanted to have Ajit acting as the Telugu version of the pinky film he produced. And Boney Kapoor wanted to take this rematch of wife Sridevi against Ajith. But in February last, Sridevi's dream was not fulfilled. Now the dream of Sridevi is true, but according to the wishes of Boney, Vidya is going to be acting in the non-Telugu, Pink. The name of the photo will be fifty nine.


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