US fraud case against Huawei and Wenzhou

The United States has filed criminal charges against Chinese telecom giant Huawei and its chief financial officer Mein Wenzhu. These allegations also contain fraud.

The BBC Online report said on Tuesday that the United States Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Huawei and Mein Wenzhu for accusations of criminal offenses.
Among the allegations, banks and telecommunications frauds, judicial barriers, technology theft etc.

On December 1 last year, on the request of the United States, Canada was arrested in Wenzhou. On the way to Hong Kong from Mexico to Vancouver, there was a stopover of Wanzhou. He was arrested there.

US complains of trade with Iran by violating US sanctions against Wenzhou. But Wenzhou has denied the allegation. Huawei's position is also the same.

Wenzhou was released on bail after arresting last month. He is in strict surveillance in Canada. Vancouver will be held again in Vancouver on February 6.

Canada and the United States are in tension with China over the arrest of Wenzhou. This relationship can be even more bitter if it is reinstated to the United States.

The news came out that the United States will request a formal request to Canada to return to Wenzhou. It is not clear when this request will be made.

The end of the formal formal request for Canada to return to Wenzhou is January 30.


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