Unknown Audrey Hepburn

January 20, the birthday of Hollywood actress Adre Haipburn The Golden Globe goldfinch died in 1993, when he was 63 years old in Switzerland. In today's report, there are 10 things unknown in his life
Adre Haipburn, born on the outskirts of Brussels, on May 4, 1929. Father is a British banker, mother of the landlord of Holland. He could speak English and Dutch in his childhood. French, Spanish, and Italian languages ​​were later learned by themselves. Knowing so many languages, Audrey Hepburn's pronunciation did not print any particular language.

After the divorce of his parents, Audrey was with his mother in England, then in Holland. During the Second World War, the Nazis kept the Aadreid hostage. At that time he witnessed the terrible cruelty of the Nazis. The horrors of World War I have returned to him all his life. Since 1954, he has been traveling around the world for UNICEF, seeking peace. Have been their messenger. He came to Bangladesh in the 90's as a UNICEF envoy.

He had intense interest in the ball. In 1944, a suitable ballet dancer was made. They wanted to take the profession as a profession. But during the second world war, the girl's body was not like a ballet dancer, she had an imprint of malnutrition. As a result, ballet was not learned. Then think of acting.

Audrey walks in London's West End theater halls Some films continued to play a minor role. Then in 1951, he started becoming popular with acting on a JG in Broadway. He has played more than 200 times in the play. Acting in this play, the theater's first award won the Theater World Award.

The second prize came from Bafeta in 1954, the third Golden Globe in the same year, the fourth Oscars. Oscar wins Elizabeth Taylor, for acting in Roman Holiday.
Immediately after signing a contract with Paramount Pictures, he came out on the cover of Time Magazine. In Hollywood, he broke the prairie of sexually acclaimed heroines, and broke it. Audrey was found on the screen as a simple-looking woman, in the heart of the audience.

Roman Holiday made Audrey the star, but he was iconic by the 1961 Breakfast at Tiffany film.

Audrey has shared the screen with all the big stars in Hollywood. The rest was a Kerry Grant. Kerry Grant was offered the role of Roman Holiday in Rome. Gregory Peck starred in 'No'. After 10 years of this film, Audrey and Kerry Grant starred in the film Saarad. Kerry Grant would have been embarrassed to think that between the ages of his age and the quarter-century interval! But the picture was great!

Audrey played in the movie My Fair Lady. This is a picture of George Bernard Shaw's story. Broadway starred as a super hit year after year. My Fair Lady was very popular. Eight octa received But Audrey could not win the Oscar. This year Oscar goes to Julie Andrews for the photo of Mary Poppins. Interestingly, Julie Andrews was supposed to star in the movie My Fair Lady, but the director conceded to the producers' choice. Adr's voice has been spoken by most of the dialogues of this photo, and in this case, the mood was a bit bad, Adr's.

After half a decade of acting, suddenly, Audrey left the movement of the film. In the late sixties of the last century, he did not turn Hollywood into another. The family is his. He married twice - the actor returned to the mail and Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti was her husband. He has two children from two husbands. In 1994, he won the Grammy Award and entered into films, music and drama elite clubs.


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