Tuesday's vote for the future of the breaksit

The breakthrough debate will end with the agreement passed with the European Union (EU); Or the ongoing dramatization becomes more prolonged by the rejection of the contract - the whole world waiting to see it on Tuesday.

British Parliament will vote on the issue of ratification of a deal in the UK parliament on Tuesday evening. This was to be held on December 11. But the Prime Minister suspended it last moment in fear of the rejection of the agreement. That vote is being held on Tuesday almost a month later.
However, the debate over the deal was not addressed. Opposition parties are opposed to this deal. And the idea of ​​continuing the position against the government's 100 MP agreement continued. These opposition MPs have already limited the power of the government in the process of introducing different proposals in parliament and passing through pass.

If the British lawmakers get support in the signed deal, then the UK's EU organization will be finalized. It will end with a long span of more than two and a half years for the dramatic drama. If the agreement is rejected then the ongoing debate will be prolonged with the tightness of more exciting events. In the case of whether the breaks will be effective, there is also a buzz.

There is a clear division between British MPs against the opposition to the separation of the EU. However, Ireland's border management (Beck Stop Arrangement), which has been endorsed by the end, becomes a major consideration. As a result, Northern Ireland may legally be cut off from the UK.

In the last one month, the Prime Minister has tried to get additional assurance from EU to resolve this fear. But he did not yet publish the details of how successful he was in the work. Today, before the voting on Tuesday, May speak again in parliament to support his agreement on May.

On Monday, the Prime Minister said if the MPs do not approve the acquisition agreement, then the risk of non-contractual separation will be created. In that situation the separation with the EU may not be possible. He says, refusing the deal will mean the position against the breaksite. He said that if the results of the referendum are not implemented, it would create an unprecedented exaggeration to the democratic system, and warned that people will be frustrated with politics.

Opposition leader Jeremy Kelly said his party will take position against the agreement. If the government fails to pass the deal in Parliament, then his party will present a very rapid non-confidence offer against the government. Kahin says the mid-term elections should be organized to resolve the deadlock on the bauxite agreement. In that election, the winning team will get the right to start a new reconciliation process.

If the Breakthrough Agreement is rejected in Parliament, the Prime Minister will have the opportunity to raise an alternative proposal within three days. If the proposal is rejected, then the United Kingdom will have to walk on the non-agreement breakdown. Or, if Parliament wants to increase the time limit for the breaks. Parliament can decide on mid-election or re-referendum.


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