Trump's letter to Kim

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reached the letter written by US President Donald Trump. A source familiar with the ongoing talks between Washington and Pyongyang to free the Korean Peninsula from nuclear weapons told CNN today on Tuesday.

The source said that this letter is in full detail with the details of the second meeting between the two leaders. The letter from Washington was handed over to Pyongyang. According to the source, Kim Young Chol, one of the top speaker for North Korean foreign intelligence and nuclear disarmament talks, will soon visit Washington. Probably this week it's going to be. The purpose of his visit to finalize the details of the upcoming meeting of Trump-Kim is the meeting.
Earlier, CNN's report said that Trumpkim had reviewed the possibility of Bangkok, Hanoi and Hawaii as the second meeting place for US representatives.

South Korean President Mon J-In has announced his support last week about Trump-Kim's second meeting. He said, in a recent letter, Kim told him about his visit to Seoul soon. Kim's meeting with him and Trump will make the Korean Peninsula a great progress in freeing nuclear weapons.

Last year, the Communist state started its extensive diplomatic mission after spending long years of separation with the world. North Korean leader Kim traveled through a tour of Beijing to travel to China. Kim, after six decades of hostility, went on a historic trip to South Korea for the first time in April last year.

In addition to several meetings with Moon, last year he met with President Donald Trump for the first time in Singapore. This initiative of Kim continued in the current year. Kim went to China in a surprise visit last week. After writing a letter expressing interest in meeting with the South Korean President, Kim received a letter from the US President. These events indicate that Kim will continue diplomatic work this year.


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