Trump's 'compromise' proposal to resolve the deadlock

US President Donald Trump has presented a number of proposals for 'negotiation' to resolve the federal government's deadlock. Trump proposals include extension of the Dream Policies and Temporary Protection Status (TPS) expiry. In a speech given at the White House diplomatic reception room on Saturday, he presented the proposals. But the Democrats rejected the proposals of the trump.

Today's BBC News reports on Sunday said that the 'conciliation proposal' of Trump to revive partisan federal government's work (shutdown) is the issue of alleged drummer. Parents are called 'Dreamers' in the United States at an early age. But he still wants $ 570 million to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

President Trump's statement began with immigrants. He said the US has a proud history of welcoming immigrants. But for a long time this method has broken very badly. Regarding his proposal, he said that he wanted to break the deadlock and give way to the congress to pull the shutdown down.
At that time, he presented his argument in the construction of the trump wall. He stressed that the construction of the wall will not be running anything. Only a special area will be given a steel wall. But for this, he claimed to allocate $ 570 million as before.

In the United States, there are seven lakhs of illegally entered Dreams with parents at an early age. They are now being protected from deportation from the United States under a program. They get work permit but do not get citizenship. Trump has come to power and tried to cancel the program.

However, Trump said on the new proposal, he will extend the program for another three more years and allow work. He also said that he will extend the TPS visa for another three more years. There are three lakh TPS in the United States, who have fled the country due to war or disaster. Under TPS they get work permit. Earlier Trump wanted to cancel this program.

Among the trump proposals, more than 800 million dollars are provided for the help of humanitarian crisis, 2,700 border officers and security officers appointed and 75 new immigrant judges groups. He said that these proposals are a more logical agreement for him. According to him, trust and reputation will be established through this proposal.

Meanwhile, rejecting the proposal of President Trump, the Speaker of the Congress, Nancy Pelosi, in a statement said in a statement that the proposal has been made by bringing together all such steps that have been rejected earlier. Each of them is unacceptable. This proposal can not be trusted to restore the guarantee of human life.

On the issue of budget allocation for the construction of the wall, the work of 25 percent of the federal government has been closed for nearly a month, with disagreements with the Democrats in Congress. The deadlock lasted from December 22. Eighty-eight federal employees are not getting any wages. About three and a half lakh workers were sent on leave. The rest of the people are forced to continue their work without paying. Thousands of workers have already applied for unemployment benefits, including unemployment allowance.

Congress's sub-divisional council is now under the control of the Democrats. And Republicans have a majority in the Senate, but it is not enough to authorize the allocation of money according to the President's claim. The Senate has to pass at least 60 votes. Republicans have 51 seats. Meanwhile, the trump has stopped signing to other budget documents as the budget of $ 570 million was not passed. The work was stopped due to not being financed by the federal government's 25 percent.


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