Trump law repeals

A US Justice judge canceled the law of trump administration to bring restrictions on giving birth control services to women free of cost. The information was made on Monday, AFP reported.

In October 2010, the US President Donald Trump issued new directives by lifting the obligations of the employer to provide birth control services to the workers free of charge. It is reported that, if they are "breaking the religious or moral beliefs" when giving birth control services, the employer or insurer will be able to refuse to give it. The courts opposed that law. The administration was asked to bring a little change in the law. In view of the order of Pennsylvania Justice Wendy Bittleston, the amended law came into effect yesterday.

Justice Wendy said that under the final law, companies have been asked not to provide more birth control services at no cost to us. As a result more women will come to take birth control services through the state funding program. According to the final decision, about 70,000 women will lose birth control services at no cost. It is further said, the state will stand by the case of financial losses.

Former President Barack Obama launched 'Obama Care' in the United States with the promise of realizing the basic rights of healthcare citizens - to make the word real and effective. It became a law on 23 March 2010. From the beginning, the Republican Party was opposing Obama care. President Donald Trump announced that Obama's care would be canceled from his election campaign. But Republicans failed to present an alternative offer for a long time. Afterwards, Republican Party Obama was able to cancel a key element of Obama Care.


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