Trump goes out of Democrats 'bye-bye'

US President Donald Tamp was meeting with Democrats to resolve the ongoing deadlock. At one stage, he was so angry that he went out by saying 'Bye'. The agreement was broken in the process.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leader Senator Chuck Schumer rejected the plan to allot trump funds to build a border wall in the meeting, BBC News reported on Thursday.

Trump then commented that the meeting with Pelosi and Zumar was a waste of time. After leaving the meeting, Trump tweeted the top Democrats' bye 'bye'.

Democrat Sumer Sumer, present at the meeting, told reporters, "When Pelosi says he will not grant fund allocation for the construction of the wall, then the trump gets angry. Trump said to Pelosi, "Do you agree with the plan to build my wall?"

Pelosi said, no, no. Then stand up the trump. Get out of 'then there is nothing else to talk about.' Trump was very excited and angry. Because, he could not find a way out.

Zumar said, screwing the table in Trump rage. However, Republican Congressman Steve Scholis denied it.

Vice President Mike Pence told reporters that Trump was disappointed because the Democrats did not have a compromising attitude towards building the walls on the border with Mexico. Representative Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader, said the behavior of the Democrats seemed embarrassing to him.

Trump demanded an allocation of $ 5.7 billion for building walls and border security. But the Democrats rejected it. Trump spoke to the nation at Oval office on Wednesday. He said there has been concern about US security due to continuous illegal immigration and cross-border drug trafficking. Humanitarian crisis has been created in border areas.

The new survey says 51 percent of Americans are responsible for the tragedy for the stalemate. However, 77 percent of Republicans support plans to build trump walls on the border with Mexico. The activities of nine government organizations have been closed since December 22 for fundraising for construction of the wall. Due to the deadlock, nearly eight million US staffers were not paid this week.

Speaking to Trump, the speaker of the US House of Representatives Pelosi said that President Trump felt uncomfortable with not getting employees' salary.


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