Trump asked to go to school again

On Tuesday at a US Congressional hearing, the heads of various U.S. intelligence gathered on Tuesday to present their final assessment on global security situation. In this hearing, they said that the IS is still active in Syria and Iraq. North Korea has no interest in the destruction of all its nuclear weapons. And they are in agreement with the fact that Iran has not promised to make nuclear weapons.

President Donald Trump was not present at the congressional hearing. He is very excited to hear his comments on television and commentators of various commentators.
Before the hearing, Trump announced that the IS was defeated in Syria. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has promised to destroy all the nuclear weapons in his country. On the other hand, Iran secretly created nuclear weapons. He is certain about Iran's activities. So he has unilaterally removed the United States from the nuclear deal with Tehran.

The words that Trump repeatedly said, his intelligence chiefs conveyed to the congressional hearing. Trouble was so rumored that on Wednesday morning, one year later, in one tweet, the government's intelligence officers were stupid and dismissed their assessment.

Claiming that the intelligence assessment is wrong, Trump said that all government intelligence should return to school again.

He has come along with Tramp, he knows more than everyone else. During the election campaign, he claimed that he knew more about the preparations and the IS than the general. He disagrees with the decision of the intelligence officers of Russia, who is nosing in the US electoral system.

Trump has also disagreed about the assessment of the detective department in connection with the murder of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khasogi, whose prince Mohammad bin Salman is involved in the murder.

He has never disclosed whether there is any detective information behind such trump decisions.

This attack on the intelligence and assessment of intelligence officers of his government was not acceptable to any Republican and Democratic party leaders.

Jackie Spiere, a member of the Democratic Congress, elected from California, said that the way Trump attacked the country's top intelligence officers, it shows that he himself has a security threat for the country. It is not normal to attack intelligence or military officers in such a way.

Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher, elected from Wisconsin, said the detectives are following the president's agenda. Trumpe nominated the intelligence chief Still, why he criticized them, it is not clear.

A commentator on the Washington Post commented that if he was not politically acceptable to Trump, he would talk differently. This is very harmful for national security.

Among those secretaries who attended the congressional hearing on Tuesday included the head of the National Intelligence Department Dan Coates, FBI Chief Christopher Rey and CIA's chief Zina Haspel.


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