Troll with malaiake 'You look like aunty of Arjun'

Arbaaz Khan's ex-wife Malaika Arora is going to sit on the pitch of the marriage with Arjun Kapoor at the end of March or early April. As a result, almost no photos have been uploaded by Malaika Arora. Seeing the eight-eighth eye catching on the forehead

In the same sequence, Malaika dressed a red-colored top-up (sari) dress. As always, it seemed impossible to combine yoga and gym to hit the 45-year-old beauty of this year.

But there will be some posts posted on the net and there will be no trailers! Normally they came to the post of Malai, and they started various types of obscene remarks. Initially, they started speaking about the costume and age of malai. Some wrote, 'Malaiyaka is old. Should be dressed like young actresses at this age. If you wear these clothes, it takes more time. '
Many people have commented on his relationship with Arjun Kapoor and said, 'You (Malaika) look like Arun's aunt. Other times when you wear Western clothes, it does not seem to be too old. And also should not marry Arjun Kapoor. Arjun will leave you and marry another young girl. '

Malaika's devotees wrote, 'Problems with wearing Western clothing, problems with wearing ethnic clothes. It has become the nature of trollers to talk about age, personal relationships, looks. Malaika will not listen to these words. You look great. '


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