'Titanic' and 'Avatar', now 'Allita'

James Cameron's earlier 'Titanic' (1997) and 'Avatar' (2009). Two of the best pictures in Hollywood history have been successful. He was the director and producer of these two films. Here's his new picture. The name of the American cyberpunk action-style "Allitta: Battle Angel" Not the director, James Cameron is the producer of this photo. Robert Rodriguez has been responsible for managing this photo. James K. Cameron's Story and Screenplay Writes - Jimmy Cameron, a Japanese manga artist named Yukito Kishiro. With him is Lita Elizabeth Calogridis. The story of the film about the struggle for the protection of the existence of greed, power and self-control, in Alliance's own existence.

Last year on 9th December the 'trailer' of the movie 'Alltra: Battle Angel' came. It can be seen that, one day after getting up from sleep, she could not recognize herself. All the memory of the past is gray to him. His talk is with Edore. Allitta realizes that her body is actually made in Calcutta. The crisis of extreme existence begins in the girl's life. Then the boy started his life with the help of Hughor in the iron ore of Iron City. Dr. Ali began to study the past. Dyson Ido At the same time, unknown magical powers are protecting themselves and loved ones from the machinery of an aliment. But his last will be saved? There is a tension in the whole picture.
Rosa Salazar played the role of Allitar in the movie 'Alltra: Battle Angel'. Besides, Dr. Keen Johnson as Christopher Walters and Hughor in the role of Dawson Edoard. In the film, there are more people including Jennifer Conneli, Mahshaloli Ali, Caspar Van Diien.

James Cameron's budget of 'Allita: Battle Angel' is about 200 million US dollars. In the United States, on February 14, the film is planned to release the film and distributor Twentieth Century Fox.


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