This time

Last year Priyanka Chopra has been married to Hollywood singer-actor Nick Jonas. And after that they have a lot of stay in the holiday mood. They are roaming around different places. In all, their honeymoon leave will continue throughout January. Before that, Priyanka has completed a new Hollywood movie. This actress has secretly acted in this heroine. But recently he got the poster release of the photo. The name of the film 'Is Not It Romantic'

Todd Strauss and Sullman were directed by American Australian Fantasy Comedy. Here along with Priyanka, many other Hollywood stars including Liam Holmesworth, Rebele Ulsson have played. Priyanka's first Hollywood movie was 'Beawatch'. She appeared in the film in full swing. The continuation continued in the second film. Comedy Pictures, however, Priyanka has spawned her own body in the film 'Is Not It Romantic'. In a number of scenes, he became a cameraman after the bikini. The film is being released on 14th February on World Love Day. Priyanka said this film will remain one of the aspects of my career. Here everyone is able to see the favorite Priyanka, as well as the comedy scene will fill the mind.


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