This Oscar is so amazing!

More 31 days left for Mahindra. It has already started counting days. That's been the start of the Academy Award or Oscar award that began in 1929. Its 91st edition is being held on February 24. But this year's events are 'historic' in many ways. At the 90th anniversary of the nomination, something about the nomination is the beginning of the Academy Awards at this event.

Let us know why this year's Oscar is different from other events:
Lighthouse Superhero
The box office of the Hollywood Box office is shaking for the last few days only superheroes. Marvel and DC comics are made to catch the market by creating comic story based movies. But no matter how many businesses do, superheroors have never been nominated for the Oscars. But this time the history is written by Marvel's 'Black Panther'. The comic series has created a picture of the black-from-the-clock, for the first time in Hollywood, the black superhero. Black Panther also got the opportunity to stand on the stage of achieving maximum recognition. The film has received nomination in 'Best Picture' category. On the Oscars stage, Wakandar has shown the superhero Kardani. Now if Sonali Trophy is in hand, then Sona Sohaga!
NetFlix win
Netflix has established itself as an online streaming platform. The Hollywood box office-centric photo business has put pressure on. Netflix has further strengthened itself as an alternate platform for making films on Oscars stage this year. There was a debate over whether the medium of online video streaming was appropriate for the Oscars. Many have questioned the artificial image of Netflix-promoted film. Netflix responds strongly to the criticism of the Oscars nomination The film 'Roma' has been nominated in 10 categories.
Picture 1, actress 3, nomination?

Oscar nomination received three actresses from "The Favorites". This is the first time Oscar has seen this incident. Olivia Coleman received nomination for Best Actress in the movie 'The Favorites'. On the other hand, two other actresses Emma Stone and Rachel Bhoj have received nominations for Best Supporting Actress. All the seven nominations have been nominated for 'The Favorite'. The story of the film is from the 18th century England. The film is rotated around a queen, close queen's friend and a new maid.
This is a picture of the 91st Oscars. This film directed by Alfonsho Kuaran received the highest number of nominations in foreign language category. Earlier, 'Crouching Tiger, Hideden Dragons' made history by nominating 10 categories. This year the benchmark touched 'Roma'. On the other hand, for the first time in the Oscars history, a director's photo was nominated for two special categories. Best Foreign Language Film Division, along with Alfonso Kuarna's Roma, has also been nominated for Best Director. The film has been nominated in 10 categories, of which four are related to the director's achievement. Because Kuurn is the producer, screenwriter and cinematographer of this film. This is also a new record!
Lady Gaga new milestone
Pop singer Lady Gaga has been nominated for two divisions in the Oscars in 2015. He has beaten sixes in singing and acting. Gaga has been nominated for Best Actress in the 91st Oscars for the film 'A Like It Born'. In the same film, he has also been nominated for a short list of nominees in the 'Best Original Song' category. But this incident is not the first time. Mary J. was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in last year's Moodbud. Blaze. He was also nominated in the Best Music category. Mary Jay as it is. Lady Gaga reaches Blige's record
Bazimata first acting
91st Oscar Asr and 'Roma' have become synonymous. Yalitza Aparihio of Mexico is nominated as the best actress in this film. Interestingly, the first time Yalitakar has been cast in the role of Alfonsho Kuwar! He received the nomination as the fourth Latin actress in Oscars history. And this is the first time in the last 14 years. Eviljai was the first indigenous woman to receive Oscar nomination for Best Actress.
'Finally got nomination'
Although this history is not in that sense, it is, in fact, getting 'historic'! Finally, the director of the best director category, Spike Lee received nomination For more than 10 years, he has created a picture in the Hollywood film industry. So far he has almost thirty pictures of his picture. But the golden trophy was not handy. Image commentators say that Spike Leigh has the potential for an Oscar to rise. Michael Spike Lee, the best director of the film, was nominated for 'Blackclassman'. Prior to that, five black directors were nominated for Best Director category in Oscars. Meanwhile, Spike has been honored with the prestigious Academy Award. He was involved in the boycott of the Oscars in 2016, he joined the #OscarsSoWhite movement.

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