This is 82 years old in Indian cricket

Hartik Pandya and K.L. Rahul were sent back from Australia. This incident happened once due to disciplinary reasons for 82 years in India's cricket history. Lala Amarnath returned from England tour The story is part of a curious juganica piece in the history of cricket.
'1 936' has been restored '2019'. It is so rare in Indian cricket that sending a player to a country abroad due to disciplinary tour, the previous example is to go back 8 years ago. The Indian captain Lala Amarnath was sent back home after a dispute with the captain. Hardik Pandya and K.L. Rahul have brought back memories of the incident over eight decades. These two cricketers have been banned indefinitely for speaking controversial comments during the coffee show. Hondia and Rahul have to fly the country from the tour of Australia.

The incident in 1936, however, was very much discussed in Indian cricket. Still, cricket writers love to tell the story when they get the opportunity. The incident was quite curious.

India went to the first full tour in 1936. India was still under British rule. Maharaj Kumar, of Vijayanagad, who was known as 'Vizi', was quite convinced to be India's captain on that tour. In the end, his leadership is going to play three Tests in England. But he did not have the least qualification to become the captain of the game. The result of which was seen in the field. India was eating eatery in preparation matches

The British media also wrote a lot about the breakdown of the rules that kept them quiet in general. Indian dressing room was divided into two parts. Senior cricketers like Amarnath, S.Singh Naidu and Vijay Merchant were on one side. The matter reached the final stages of the first match of the first Test match. The pad was made after the match was done with Vigi but Amarnath was not going down. He was being replaced by the rest of the others. Amarnath get the opportunity at the end of the day.

Amarnath was suffering from a back injury on his visit. But he was not given any rest to him. It is said to play pre-match matches for the Lord's Test. Again, the field was not being dropped. Amarnath became mad at all. Back in the dressing room, throw your bag, kit, everything. Panjabi disturbed anger.

Vijie was not late for revenge. Team Manager Major Jack sent back Briton-Jones Amarnath to India before the start of the first Test. Amarnath had to wait another 10 years to play his first Test in England. Vijay Merchant, who also played Test in that tour, was also victim of Vigi's vengeance. It is said that Mushtaq Ali, another member of the group, was selling Vizi gold bribe to the merchant for run out!

Merchant, Amarnath is respected later in Indian cricket history. But many people do not know VG. Chinle also knows as the worst captain in Indian history.

There have been many disciplinary incidents after this in Indian cricket. But there was no evidence to send someone back to the country. Only once a player came back to the country, say nothing to anyone. That too in England, in 1996. Navjot Singh Sidhu, who returned to the country midway through a tour with skipper Azharuddin, was caught in a huffy stroke. As a result, Sidhu's roommate unexpectedly got a chance in XI. The youngster made a century in debut with the debut of Lords. Later, Indian cricket took place in history, permanently. The young man named Sourav Ganguly!


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