The story of winning Manisa's cancer

'I think, in any situation in our life no one teaches. Believe me, I am grateful to cancer, cancer taught me the value of life. Taught to fight. I was never ready for death. "On November 10, Manish Koirala said at the stage of Abdul Karim Sahityabisarad auditorium of Bangla Academy at noon on November 10. He came to Dhaka Lit Fest. On the last day of the festival, read Hildaud's book 'Hild' in a series titled 'Hild'. Here are the days of storms in our lives. These are the horrors of the disease. But did not break for a single time. Talking about an hour-long discussion did not stop, but instead of hearing the story of his life, the eyes of many in the auditorium have become soft. In a pinpath silence, a visitor whispered, "Manisha is a real warrior!"
At the beginning of the ceremony, Manish Koirala reads a few parts of his book, 'Napalikanya', 10 December 2012. Death calls me. But I did not want to die, I want to live in this beautiful world. My sky is covered with clouds. No, do not lose. I can once know, 44 percent of my survival prospects. But it is also true, 56 percent risk of death! "On this occasion he told that the book will be released in Mumbai in January. In his autobiography, he said, "In this book, I have mentioned about the many points of my life, experience, success and failure. There is also the failure of my bridal life. The reader will know how much I fail as a wife. '
Now the story of this conquering conqueror has come up with 'Hilde: How Cancer Gave Me A New Life'. On Tuesday, the publication ceremony of the Hotel The Taj Lands End is being organized in Mumbai on Tuesday afternoon. Nepali girl Bollywood star Manisha Koirala's book on the story of cancer wins, and there will not be other Bollywood stars, so what happens! Many people came to Manisha Koirala to greet. Among them were Rekha, Anupam Kher, Jackishrof, Mahesh Bhat, Gulshan Grover, Bhagyashree, Imtiaz Ali, Dia Mirza, Ketan Mehta and Shekhar Kapur. There were many friends of Manisha Koirala.
Manisha Koirala is suffering from ovarian cancer in 2012. After a long treatment, she is now cancer free. Manisha Koirala said, "It is very difficult to see the time back. Everything still looks perfect. Occasionally I thought I could not finish the book. Again it seemed that the book is not correct. "He also said," I wanted to tell my story. Through it, I wanted to comfort myself with the feeling of cancer patients. '

Manisha Koirala, thanked the guests coming to the book 'Holland: How Cancer Gave Me A New Life' on the following night.

Neelam Kaur collaborated Manisha Koirala to write the book 'Hilda: How Cancer Gave Me A New Life'. The book has released Penguin Random House India.


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