The same bag for 50 years!

She is the queen. In the huge palace. There is no lack of wealth, luxurious life. But there is a handbag in total. To see it, a little black bag in the sky. That bag is used by Queen Elizabeth for 50 years!

The British press Mirror said that the name of the Queen Elizabeth "Lanna" The queen is very favorite of the queen. So the bag does not miss out on the special occasion. In the big roles that Rani participates in, the black bag in her hand. Even last year, in the drawing room of the Windsor Castle, Queen Elizabeth was associated with this bag.

According to NDTV news, this specially designed queen of Queen Elizabeth. With this bag, he had a historic meeting with former US President Richard Nixon and Prime Minister Edward Heath in 1970. Again, in 2000 when meeting with Bill and Hillary Clinton, this bag was the companion of Queen Elisabeth. Again in the year 2017, Queen Elizabeth took this bag in a royal parade.

Media Express reported that since 1968 Queen Elizabeth started using this black bag. Some royal sources say that the bag loves the Queen very much. Many people are praising the company making this bag. Because 50 years of the existence of a bag is not much less!


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