The result of not hearing Salman

His biggest contribution to Katrina Kaif is Salman Khan. It can be said that brother-in-law is the beauty and favorite friend of this Bollywood beauty. But Katrina, who did not listen to Mentor's words, After that, two pictures were flopped with the flick.

The photographs of Bigg Boss 'Thagas of Hindustan' and 'Zero' are both. And there are two pictures of Namdami stars. But still, the picture was stuck in the box office. Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan's 'Thugs of Hindusthan' starring the movie are completely fuzzy. Meanwhile, Katrina Kaif starring another film 'Zero' got very low number. Shahrukh Khan or VFX could not protect Chhobi Salman Khan or his girlfriend Katrina repeatedly forbidden to do these pictures. Because the Bollywood sultan thought that the character of Katrina in the movie 'Thagas of Hindustan' is not so significant. And in these two films, his character is very small.
But Katrina did not listen to Salman. Bhajan had already understood that the pictures would not be so beneficial for Katrina's career. But before Shah Rukh Khan's proposal for 'Zero' came to Salman. But Salman said about making the film Shahrukh. In this film directed by Ananda el Rai, Bhajan has been seen as a camio.

Katrina does not seem to make a second mistake. From now on, he will listen to Mentor or Salman. This Bollywood beauty's sinking career is the only Salman can rescue. This pair will soon be seen in 'India' directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. Katrina's last hit 'Tiger Zinda Hai' Salman was against him in this film. This couple might again offer a hit picture.


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