The Oscars nominated for the triumph of black filmmakers

Spike Lee, Director-Do the Right Things, Malcolm X and Documentary for Little Girls - has received nominations for the Oscars for the film, but this time he received the nomination for Best Documentary for the Black Clansman film in Oscars. The film received nominations for five more prizes in the category: Music, Screenplay, Editing, Side-by-side (Adam Driver) and Best Picture. This acknowledgment was acknowledged by the academy long ago.

Although Spike Lack was nominated in the past, occasionally he did not get more than Jupiter's prize on his forehead, in 2015 he was comforted by a respectable Oscar. However, if the nomination award is recognized by the academy for his whole film career, then this time he will have to tell the nomination of his blackclass movie, the Academy is trying to amend his past activities, deprivation.

The blacksmith is not just a Spike Lee. Black Clans have also got a bigger partner this year: Ryan Kugaler's Black Panther and Barry Jenkins's If Bill Street Cood Talk, which also got nominations for awards in more than one division. Black Panther will fight the best picture with Spike Leigh. And everyone is surprised by the fact that the film was released by filmmaker Rachel Roche in the movie Heil County of The Morning, this event was nominated in the best documentary category and had to overcome the picture to get the nomination. Prior to the competition, there are three identical strangers and Mr. Rogers Docker, YouTube, UK Uber Myburgh? , The film was said to be the winner of this year.

The pictures of the black directors also got record-nominations for music. Another record is Black Panthera's first superhero picture, which got the best picture nomination. And Spike Lee is the sixth black director in the history of Oscars, who was nominated for Best Director. Black Panther's first black woman, nominated for Hannah Vikler Production Designer Division This year, such events as Spike Leigh nominations are available, the most notable of these are Larry's long-time associate Torrence Blanchard (in the original score division) and Barry Alexander Brown (edit). The two have worked with Barry Spike, the world's most famous filmmaker, and X-ray Blanchard has done the work in Do the Right Things.

Barry Jenkins's IF Bill Street Cood Talk nomination - Best Director, Best Picture, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography section. Although it does not win the prize, it does not seem to be white as the Oscars.

Source: Vanity Fair


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