The lake on Mars!

NASA is sending another sophisticated rover spacecraft on Mars in search of life. In the next year, it will be named after the Jazhero Caterpillar area. A huge huge lake filled with water in the 28-mile wide Xzero Croquet, hundreds of millions of years ago. There are still sand and rock hills around them. The highest height of one and a half feet is much higher.

At one time the liquid was in abundance because NASA's new Rover would find that there was no existence of life in the area several hundred million years ago. You can still see whether there is any fossil of life or whether there is any microbes still there.

According to NASA, there was no volcanic eruption of Mars in the crab area of ​​the city millions of years ago. That volcano and maybe not now. Again, this huge hole was created in the back of a huge asteroid or other celestial object.
NASA's Associate Administrator Thomas Zurubchen said in his tweet, "Since the water was in liquid state at one time, so life was in existence in the Red Planet, it was decided to know whether Jezherero Crater There are several species of animals and plants in the lake of the world. So they can match the fossils of Mars's lake or under the lake. The rover will have equipment that can dig the bottom or bottom of the lakes. "


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