The food that will prevent cancer

Cancer has become one of the world's deadliest diseases. It is increasing day by day due to uncontrolled lifestyle and eating habits.

Experts say, it is necessary to control life-threatening and change the harmful habits to prevent cancer. Along with that, food should be added to the diet every day, which also helps in preventing cancer prevention. Such as:

1. Because it contains sulfurfen content in broccoli, it can destroy cancer cells. Studies have shown that this vegetable is very effective in preventing colon, prostate and breast cancer.
2. Due to the presence of sulfur-rich alesin and diarrhea, garlic can prevent various diseases. It also reduces the risk of tumor disease. Various studies have shown that there is no substitute for garlic to prevent prostate cancer.

3. Yellow is known as natural antiseptic. Yellow is particularly beneficial to reduce any tumor or injury in colon. Studies have shown that after adding one-month meal to four grams of yellow spices, the condition of colon cancer has improved. This spice is very effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

4. Although it is not possible to use olive oil in cooking, if the olive oil is eaten regularly in salad then it can be prevented to increase the growth of cancer cells.
5. The omega-3 rich sea fish is very beneficial to prevent diuretic cancer.

6. Antioxidant-rich carrot reduces the production of cancer cells. Various studies have shown that adding carrots to salads from different salts helps prevent colon or stomach cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, the possibility of prostate cancer decreases by about 18 to 20 percent, adding carrots to the daily diet. Carrots play special role in preventing lung cancer.

7. Lemon cures body toxin by removing toxin from the body. Every day the toxin of the body is mixed with lemon juice mixed with hot water every day. Three or four times a day drinking this beverage can prevent cancer.
Source: Anand Bazar


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