The collapse of the Brazilian dam :Hundreds of missing disappeared hope

 Iron ore extraction in Brazil is the hope of the survival of the missing people in the collapse of the mine. The relatives of the missing people are looking for them. So far, the number of dead people increased to 34. About 300 are missing. The incident took place on Friday in Brumdinho area in the southeastern Brazilian Minas Jarice state.

On Sunday, BBC News reported that rescue teams are searching for missing people in the nearby Brumdinha neighborhood. The reason for the collapse of the dam owned by a mine named Vaal is still unknown. The cafeteria of the mine area was completely buried in the Kadaz, which came as a barrier to break the dam. At that time mine workers were eating lunch. Different mining workers lived in the dam area, surrounding farms and houses. Their homes and vehicles have been destroyed.
Yesterday the rescue team carried out rescue operations through soil removal machinery and helicopter. The communication system on the road was completely broken. 50 people were rescued after being buried. Of these, 23 were admitted to the hospital. But as time goes on, the hope of survival is decreasing.

Ryanu Jamema, governor of Minnesia Jarice said that the hope of the survival of the depressed people is declining. Maybe now the bodies will be recovered. He also said that those responsible for this tragic consequence should be punished.
People looking for the missing people are rushing to the spot They are getting annoyed without getting any information. Olivia Rios, an angry man, said, "I want to know about five years, her father died? What would I reply to him? "Helton Pereira, a man in a search of his wife and sister, was rushing to the spot. His wife and sister used to work in that mine. He said, 'I'm very worried. I want the news. '

Yesterday, Brazilian President Jean Boulosnaro visited the site by helicopter. Seeing the magnitude of the disaster, he said in the tweet, "It is difficult to be emotionally sensitive to this condition.

Meanwhile, Brazil's Environmental Protection Organization (IMA) initially fined Valle $ 66 million for the accident. It is said that mining barrage alarm did not work during the accident. Sailor Baja is trained to respond only to the staff. They did not get the opportunity to play the alarm.
But Valo's president, Fabio Schwarzmann, claimed that the accident was so sudden that safety was not possible. He also told that a German firm was entrusted to monitor the condition of the dam. The report said in September that the dam situation was stable.

Three years ago, in another town of Minas Gerais, there was a similar case of obstruction. At that time, 19 people were killed.

The obvious reason for this collapse of the dam, which is owned by Brazil's largest mining valve, is now collapsing. The dam was built in 1976. This is one of the more dams in the area. The mine collected from the mine was kept in the dam.
According to Valle's data, the capacity of the dam is 12 million cubic meters But the dam was in vain for three years. The destruction of the dam has not yet been known.


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