The allegation of sexual abuse of two young boy against Michael Jackson

Two young people complained of sexually assaulting teenagers against the popular pop star Michael Jackson. James Sheffchak and Wade Robson, the two youths, accused Michael Jackson of their second sexual abuse at the age of teenage.

In the 24-hour documentary titled 'Living Nevarland', the two young men brought the allegations. The documentary is shown at the Sandans Film Festival. There, when they were sexually abused, they were 10 and 7 years respectively. Jackson's friendship started with these two teenagers started from the beginning and the details of sexual abuse have come up in the documentary.

Meanwhile, Jackson's firm Jackson Estate denied these allegations. However, the documentary was not shown to them yet. Note that Michael Jackson is not the first to report sexual assault. Earlier, there was a complaint against him. But there was no evidence to support the complaint.


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