Tanushree leaves India

Earlier, he had left India for the 2004 Femina Miss India Universe and former Bollywood star Tanushree Dutt. That day he went to the United States, thinking about his security and the future. But on Thursday night, he returned to the United States with the crown of revolution, burning the torch of 'hashtag me to' movement in India. Tonsuri Dutta wrote in Instagram with photograph taken with other members of the family at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, "I'm going to the United States. After six months, I'm returning. I will miss the family most. "For several years he has been living permanently in New Jersey, USA.

Tonsuri Dutta told the message agency, "I am there now. I came to Mumbai on vacation. So I had to return. For many reasons this holiday is a little longer. Six months ago my life was in New Jersey, now I can not remember it. But we will miss all. My whole family lives in India. '
About six months ago when Tanushree Dutt came to Mumbai in India from Mumbai, I did not think I could visit him this time. In the meantime, the powerful actors of Bollywood, Tanushree Dutt, who played twelve of his personal image, She complained of sexual harassment against various stakeholders. In an interview to India's TV channel News Aitin, Tanushree Dutt complains that in 2009, when she was shooting for 'Horna okay', she was sexually harassed.

The prosecution case against her husband has brought her against sexual harassment still on. What will happen to the case when he leaves? Tanushree Dutt said, 'I spent many years with that wound. My physical presence is no longer needed for the prosecution. If the legal system is taken, I will be absent. If I have to stay, then what is the law? '
What is the future of this movement given to him? He said, "It's hot news today. Maybe it will be done after a few days. But I want to see it as a revolution. It has created an environment that the oppressed became aware. A woman has learned to publish the names of their oppressors. That's a big lesson for those men. Such events will not happen much in the future, this is my expectation. Such incidents must be removed from society. '

Tonsuri Datta is credited with the credit of 100% of the beginning of the hashtag me to movement in India. However, he told IANS that 'a common man has made journal a journal heroin. I am not at all a part of it, but I am a medium through which changes and awareness of society has spread. "

Meanwhile, various stakeholders have to face unexpected questions. Some of the most popular Bollywood actors of this time have objected to working with him. The future of the famous actress's life has now come to the question. He has been dropped from a few pictures that have been signed. Meanwhile, he does not go out of the house without much need. Avoiding journalists, TV cameras and media.


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