Summer warming in winter

Summer preparations for the winter is like preparing hot 'Lakme Fashion Summer Resort 2019'. The small and big, nomadic designers of India present at this time to introduce fashion trends in the next summer. This is the fashion festival of Mumbai, which started on Wednesday in the Geo Gardens. The five-day event will be organized by the designers next summer clothing store. But on Tuesday night, Lacm Fashion Week was started by designer Gourb Gupta Shore.

The beginning of this festival was a little exceptional. Generally, the festivities start with the new style. This event started with the famous designer Gaurav Gupta's designed clothing show. On Tuesday night, designer Gaurav Gupta showcases her dress. In drama, dance, fancy visual field, this arrangement gives him another level. Tackled, dripped and folded skirt, asymmetric mini, embroidery gown, sari-gown, neo sarees, various types of jackets, and 3D app skirt, are going to bring many glory for the upcoming summer girls. He brought fancy to the clothes of men. For the men in the glory, there were greedy black taxis, chains paid telecot, red biker jacket, stylish brocade dinner jacket. Bollywood actress Tabu and director Karan Johar walked the ramp on his designs after the ramp.

On Wednesday, the fashion festival started with four ninances. Introducing the INIFD of India's fashion education institute, emerging four designers Amrapali Singh, Madhumita Nath, Ujjala Bhadhu, Sunna Khira - These four daughters spread out in front of everyone, a new direction of fashion. Designer Asha Kazim was organized for the young people in the new section of the hill dress. Multiple chains of leather jackets, dynamite jacket diversity is found in their stock. Bollywood and television actor Guurmid Chowdhury and singer Miaang Chang made a hailstorm on the stage after the Asha-designed clothing.

Japanese fashion caught on wearing some clothes in Sneha Aurora Linen and Shiffon Michelle brought this young designer the world of fashion in fashion. In Shi and Aurangena cloth, there was a small skirt, pants, slit skirt, quotes, and various other arrangements.

The transparency vein that was designed by Sneha grabbed the attention of everyone. This show, titled 'INIFD Launchpad', was introduced to a fashion designer of fashion world. Designer Varuna Banal organized the white dress diversity Embroidered short jacket, shafan sari, cotton skirt, white skirt and fristered glitter, white embroidered white frames in hand, light glycerate touching white sapphire sarees.

Today is the second day of the festival. Fashion fans waiting for more surprises. But the designer Rohit Baal, the creator of this night's last event, will not be able to say that.


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