Singing of the song earns 9 thousand crore a year!

American singer Beyoncé Knolls and her husband JZ are renowned musicians. Those who earn money by singing songs, they are quite amazed at the year.

Last year, earning $ 355 million in Biennese, which is worth Tk 2,840 crore in Bangladeshi currency.

On the other hand, her husband, singer J Z, has earned 81 million US dollars, which is around 680.08 billion.

According to the calculation, both husband and wife earned more than Tk 9,220 crore in last year.

Recently 'Forbes' Magazine reported this information.

It has been reported that in December last year, the American singer, Beyoncé Nolis, came to sing Indian love boxer Mukesh Ambani's marriage to Isha Ambanani.

Although no one knows the exact figure about the amount of money they had to honor in the marriage, the journalists said that the singer took honor from 21 to 28 crores.

Besides, in honor of singing a big festival, Beyonce takes 30-40 million dollars.
According to Forbes magazine, Beyonce has 53rd position among American women in terms of money. There are more names in this list: Media personality and actress Oprah Winfrey and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg. It is known that most of Beyonce's income comes from streaming sites. Having seen and heard his audio-video songs online made him a great man.

In addition, he received a large amount of honor in the country and he received a great honor as the ambassador of various companies.

Cochlea Valley Music and Arts Festival will be held in the United States of America from April 12 to 21 this year.

Last year, at the festival, in Beyoncé, For the 105 minutes of the festival, he took 3 million US dollars.

Beyoncé's husband, singer JZ, earned $ 81 million last year. On the run-to musical tour, the couple earned 2,535 million US dollars in 48 stadiums with wife Bioneske.

This tour was in Europe and North America. On a two-night concert at the London Stadium, earning 1 million and 10 million US dollars from 1, 25,000 tickets sold.
On the other hand, the Atlanta Mercedes Benz Stadium earned two million of them 41 million US dollars in two nights.

Last year, Beyonce's income from selling digital albums is more than husband's. Beyonce earns $ 26 million and JZ has earned twenty million and 30 million US dollars.

However, the total income from ZE's album sales is much higher than that of Beyonce. Zed's income is two million and 75 million, and Beyonce's earnings is just 12 million US dollars.


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