'Shot on iPhone' Challenge has started

Are you using iphone For iPhone lovers, a photo shoot named 'Shot on iPhone' has been organized by Apple iPhone maker Apple. In the open competition, 18-year-old iPhone users will be able to submit their photos to their iPhone.

In addition to Apple's officials, some judges will pick the best 10 photos. These photos will be used by Apple billboards in various promotions. Besides, these photos will also be broadcast on sites like Apple Newsroom, Instagram Channel, Apple.com, Retailer Store, WeChat, Twitter. This announcement has been made in Apple Newsroom. Competition started on 22 January Until 7th February
Of course, Apple's competition has already been criticized. The Apple authorities initially asked the winners to express their gratitude for the picture. Professional photographers. Writer Apple Tremor Mailman wrote an open letter to Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook. In this letter, he criticized the competition for using commercial images for photographers. Also ask the photographer to pay the photo price.

Following the letter, the Apple authorities changed their competition rules. Now Apple has announced the payment of the best 10 photographs in the picture. But the license fee has not mentioned how much.

The photos taken on iPhone can be posted on #ShotOniPhone with Instagram and Twitter. WebU users will also be able to take part in it. The photo caption should be added to the model of the iPhone. Outside firstname_lastname_iphonemodel by file format as shotoniphone @ apple. mail can be sent to com. Editing photos with the photo taken directly from the iPhone or editing with the other tool can also be sent.


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