Shah Rukh likes 'Don three'

It has been reported that the film about the biography of Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma was created long ago. But there is a bad news for this movie. After Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan also stepped aside from the picture. Instead of Rakesh Sharma's biography, Shahrukh Khan has chosen the third installment of his popular franchise 'Don' as the next film.

Aamir Khan will be playing the role of name in the biopic that will be made for the first time, Rakesh Sharma, India's first astronaut, to be heard. But Amir himself said that he would not be in this film. Then the name of the picture changed too. 'Salute' is the name of the film 'Sarare Jahan she is okay'. This ensures that the photo shooter Ronnie Screwwala is one of the film's producers. Instead of Aamir, SRK will star in the film. Aamir Khan himself requested to take Shahrukh Khan to the film. Shahrukh also thanked Amir Khan for the subsequent release.
But that thank you now is no value. Shahrukh Khan is preparing for the role of 'Don Three'. During the release of Trailer of 'Gali Boy', 'Dawn' franchisee director Farhan Akhtar had announced that he would make a big announcement with Dawn 3. But was this his announcement? There is speculation in Bollywood about this - imagination.

Sarh jahan she is the director of the film Mahesh Mathai. Another producer of the film Siddharth Roy Kapoor. The film's screenplay has long been finalized. The film will begin shooting next year. Before the announcement of the official announcement, who is the character of Rakesh Sharma - his name Shah Rukh Khan's Don 3 was chosen because director and producer fell into new problems. Source: Times of India


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